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You are here !! "Business means different things to different people, but really, it's just one "Great Big Game" !

There's lots of competition, and minimal rules, but the best part of all is, you keep score with Money!"

TNA (1996-2007)

Trading Net Australia (TNA) is a 100% privately owned and operated Australian business based in Brisbane which commenced its online operations in May of 1996, and then in April of 1997 a private unlisted company was formed.

The Management Team behind TNA has a combined business experience of nearly 100 years in all aspects of Business Management and Administration including franchising. Information Technology has, and continues to play a vital role in all our operations, and our successes to date are directly attributed to it.

In TNA's infancy, it specialised in the design and development of web-sites for a selective group of clients which resulted in a considerable portfolio of over 120 Australian businesses, covering a diverse range of Products and Services requiring a sound presence on the net. Our previous clients also shared the same vision as we did - foreseeing Internet advertising as an invaluable, promotional tool for themselves and/or their business.

Today, TNA mainly focuses its attention and resources on identifying and exploiting niche markets within Australia. Once a market has been identified as a potential for a new business, the Management Team embarks on an extensive research program, exploring all aspects of the proposed business model in terms of viability, profitability, and operability. A resultant S.W.O.T. analysis is produced, and only after its thorough and careful evaluation, can a green light be given to start building and developing the business and its brands from the ground up.

"...if something doesn't work, why persist?
...simply try something different."

Whilst at any give time we may have several projects under research and/or development at the same time, we are always on the lookout for new ideas and concepts, and therefore welcome any new business enquiries you may have.

Please be assured that all communications between you and TNA always remain strictly confidential. - That is 100% guaranteed, as our business and reputation depends on it - Thank you !


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